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ACCESSORIES Our menu of accessories includes special customizations and irrigation gear just for gravityfed rain tanks All of these items are compatible with the BlueBarrel Rainwater Catchment System™ and most will work with any rain barrel tank or cistern

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20191114 ensp 0183 enspRainwater Harvesting In 7 Easy Steps Rainwater harvesting systems have become part of Going Green While solar panels and geothermal systems can cost tens of thousands of dollars rainwater harvesting systems are quick and inexpensive for any homeowner to build

Research Progresses in debris flow entrainment mechanism by

For example field investigations of a debris flow event in the Wenjia catchment in southwestern China after the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake indicate that the

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good leaf and large debris filter for the downspout areas and a finer mesh or screen filter should be closer to the catchment tank in the downspout

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Ultrafiltration and or forwardosmosis technology operates on the principle of reducing a filtration element to such a fine degree that 99 9999 of waterborn bacteria cannot pass through thus making the water that passes through the filter safe for drinking In fact ultrafiltration is so effective that no other filter

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The use of gutter mesh along with leaf filters greatly reduces the possibility of pollutants from entering your water tank therefore improving water quality and reducing maintenance Gutter mesh further prevents debris building up in the gutters which slowly deteriorates the gutter and provides a breeding ground for harmful mosquitoes

Debris fall assessment in mountain catchments for local end

Debris fall assessment in mountain catchments for local end users DAMOCLESBackground Debris flows and rockfalls are a familiar hazard in European mountain

A debris flow alarm system for the Alpine Illgraben catchment

200961 Sign up Log in Sign up Log in Institutional Athens login English Deutsch Academic edition Corporate edition Skip to Main content S

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cover is appreciable and significant when just half the catchment was treated Implement an adaptive Kalman filter in a complementary modelling framework

flow development induced by rainfall in the catchments of

A rapid method to identify the potential of debris flow development induced by rainfall in the catchments of the Wenchuan earthquake area

leaf and debris catchment filter

20161221 Readmore Mobile Jaw Crusher Portable mobile jaw crusher is developed accord

of gully type debris flows in Longxi River catchment

the average gradient of the stream the catchment size and the percentage of the catchment area with a slope gradient sensitive to trigger debris flows

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The Leaf Eater Advanced™ Rain Head prevents debris from entering the Rain Harvesting system improves water quality and reduces tank cistern maintenance The single screen incorporates Clean Shield™ technology which deflects leaves and debris away from the flow of water This minimizes maintenance and enhances chment efficiency

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What are First Flush Systems and how they work The First Flush rainwater filter system will divert any small or dissolved pollutants from your roof and gutters into a separate pipe so it does not enter the tank When it first starts to rain water slowly builds up in the roof gutter system before it

Seasonal slope response in an active debris flow catchment

The unpublished InSAR data of the Federal Office of Environment FOEN show that parts of the Meretschibach catchment are moving downwards 50cm a The

Hongchun Catchment Southwest China Debrisflow Analysis and

The Wenchuan earthquake of May 2008 led to an abundance of loose landslide debris being present on the slopes and in the gullies of Hongchun catchment

Set up of debris flow monitoring stations in the Eastern

filter seismic quotnoise quot caused by other processes In Senet and Ensija catchment hyperconcentrated Conf on Debris Flow Hazards Mitigation Padua

Export of Woody Debris from Forested Headwater Catchments

leaf litter and woody debris are transported downstream through channel woody debris in streamforested headwater catchmentprocesses of production

supply and transport processes in Miyagawa Dam catchment

Linkage of sediment supply and transport processes in Miyagawa Dam catchment Japanlandslidedebris flowsediment budgetdam deposits

lisation and transfer within periglacial catchments

The purpose of the project is to study the geomorphological processes that accomplish sediment transfers in mountain catchments in the Abisko area Using

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To collect and filter all those contaminants – trash sediment silt debris oil hydrocarbons – and let just stormwater through you need a Storm Drain Filter Our Storm Drain Filter Inserts sit below the grate so they stay intact but don t impede vehicle traffic or everyday operations

response to climate change in a glacierized catchment in

A fraction of the total ablation leaves the catchment as runoff Debris covered glaciers are insulated and melt at a much lower rate than

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The basic geometric parameters of 236 debris flow catchments were determined by interpreting SPOT5 remote sensing images with a resolution of 2 5 m in a

at Meretschibach and Bondasca catchments Switzerland

AC1 39Interactive comment on Debris flow modeling at Meretschibach and Bondasca catchments Switzerland sensitivity testing of field data based erosion

flow depositional patterns according to the catchment and

in terms of depositional patterns confirming the possibility of choosing the rheology of the debris flow based on the source material within the catchment

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The Leaf Eater Ultra™ uses the Leaf Slide which deflects debris away from the screen and a precisely angled screen which directs leaves and debris away from the flow of water to maximize chment efficiency This Rain Head also incorporates a VH Pivot™ outlet that swivels to

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Downspout Filters like leaf eater leaf beater leaf eater advanced and leaf eater ultra are your first line of defense to keep debris out of your rainwater system Rain Harvesting Supplies is open 7 days a week 7 am 7 pm central Call 8773317008

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Aquabarrel Downspout Filter Ultra abpDSFleU The Leaf Eater Ultra™ rain head is the ultimate in innovation design and performance featuring the new Hydro Activated Filtration™ technology and VH Pivot™ outlet The Leaf Eater Ultra™ Rain Head prevents debris from entering the Rain Harvesting system improves water quality and reduces tank maintenance


20131210 ensp 0183 enspPretreatment is needed to remove debris dust leaves and other debris that accumulates on roofs and prevents clogging within the rainwater harvesting system For dual use cisterns that supply water for irrigation and toilet flushing only filtration or firstflush diversion pretreatment is

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Downpipe filter is same with mesh gutter leafguard filter that keeps out leaves and any debris from entering in the water tank and usually it is used for above ground water tank on the other hand inline filters are used usually for tanks built below the ground like an underground tank


It also delivers rapid flow rates of up to 36 000 litres per hour all while retaining a 96 water chment efficiency Designing your Rainwater Harvesting System using Leaf Eaters and First Flush Diverters will help maximize the performance of a Maelstrom Rainwater Filter by filtering out some of the larger debris

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2019926 ensp 0183 enspSafer solutions for rainwater collection Rainwater Solutions features its own leaf filter and is ideal for Install leaf and debris diverters to direct leaf litter and larger debris items out of the flow of the water 4 Fit an appropriate sized first flush diverter to divert the first

and debris supplying channels of small alpine catchments

Historical investigation of small alpine catchments throughout the Alps have shown that periods of high debris flow magnitude and frequency result from intens

First flush diverters Marley

Leaf amp debris diversion To ensure continuing function unscrew the cap on a regular basis to allow debris to fall out Hose or wash the filter if needed and check and clean the flow control valve SHOW ALL TECHNICAL DETAILS

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We supply a whole range of downpipe filters water butt connectors rainwater diverters and leaf chers traps and guards Rainwater diverters and filters help clean the rainwater from debris Water butt downpipe leaf cher passive self cleaning filter leaf separator See more

Characterizing the response of a catchment to an extreme

and debris flows across the southern face of the By the last three runoff events the catchment filter and stored in glass vials with polyseal

Rainwater Harvesting 3 How to recharge groundwater

Rainwater Harvesting 3 How to recharge groundwater The design of the filter therefore depends on the chment and what kind of debris get captured from the chment In case of gardens farmland silt amp leaf debris may need to be controlled In paved areas solid waste like plastic packets are important forms of debris that need to be

of flood and debris flow timing in steep catchments after

Debris flows are a typical hazard on steep slopes after wildfire but unlike debris flows that mobilize from landslides most postwildfire debris flows

Environmental Fluid Mechanics and HydraulicEngineering

Check dams and debris dams Dam break wave and flooding effects in the Rcihmond river catchment It is located upstream of the Silverleaf weir

factors in the formation of gully type debris flows

3 5 510201413 Research on topographical factors in the formation of gully type debris flows In some catchments no debris flows were triggered even thoug

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The Original Rainwater Pillow rainwater chment system installs in a crawl space or under a porch or deck and features 3inch pipes for collecting rain in heavy downpours with little waste The unit features two overflow outlets and a leaf debris filter