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Dr Venditti is a former member and eight time letter winner for the University of Wisconsin Badgers Cross Country and Track teams She is also a former National and World Champion Duathlon athlete

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Dimensional phonon resonance occurs when the space occupied by one isotope is exactly the same as that of another isotope in its rest state This event only occur under the following two conditions 1 the expansion of an isotope by heating or 2 the contraction of an isotope by cooling

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o dr rro ≈ 1 6 2 2 Solution The PE curve for NaCl is given by Er rr −× 403 10 6−−28 9697 10× 8 where E is the potential energy and r represents interionic separation We can differentiate this and set it to zero to find the minimum PE and consequently the minimum equilibrium separation ro

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Dr Champion s phonon resonance formula provides the resonant frequency of gold Au in its rest state as 38 931 841 Hz and the 107 Ag isotope of silver as 38 962 532 Hz above The relative proximity of the resonant frequencies of these two precious metals allows a low energy atomic transmutation from 107 Ag to Au to occur near room temperature

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Bhardwaj said that Champion was adding what he called a seed to the mix say 150 grams of gold ore which depending on the size of the mixture might measure out to 200 parts per million

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Phonon Resonance of Atlantean Superalloys Resonant Metal Alloys for Gravity Control by Alex Putney for Human Resonance org August 27 2013 The control system of the industrialist bankers relied upon placing young agents close to Tesla that would offer every kind of support for the inventor as the Scherfs had done in prior years of espionage activity

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Light driven excitation of gold nanoparticles GNPs has emerged as a potential strategy to generate hot carriers for photocatalysis through excitation of localized surface plasmon resonance LSPR In contrast carrier generation through excitation of interband transitions remains a less explored and underestimated pathway for photocatalytic activity

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Resonance Lines of Aluminum in Some Alums 1955 Slonczewski John Weiss Band Theory of Graphite 1956 Belson Henry S Whitmer The Magnetic Resonance Spectrum of Weidner Dilute Iron Ammonium Alum as a Function Temperature 1956 Budnick Joseph Lynton I The Magnetic Susceptibility of Tin Serin and II

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Aug 15 2012 · Announcement of financially viable transmutation of graphite to precious metals with PRT Phonon Resonance Technology licensed from Dr Joe Champion

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Nuclear resonance inelastic X ray scattering of synchrotron radiation at the 14 4125 keV nuclear resonance of 57Fe was used for the direct measurement of the Fe projected phonon or vibrational

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EPR spectrum exhibits an intense resonance signal with effective g values at g ≈ 2 0 with a sextet hyperfine structure hfs besides a weak signal at g ≈ 4 13 The signal at g ≈ 2 0 with a sextet hyperfine structure might be due to manganese impurity where as the resonance signal at g ≈ 4 13 is due to iron

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The compelling case of biological transmutations informs the open questions of biophotonics by synthesis with the formulaic framework of phonon resonance developed by W Lussage in 1965 and confirmed in microbial transmutation studies by J Champion in 2001 Dimensional phonon resonance occurs when the space occupied by one isotope is exactly

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For example I ve defined the phonon resonance conversion thresholds for iron Fe57 into copper iron Fe54 into calcium manganese into chromium and chromium into nickel are all exactly achieved at 37 5 degrees C which explains why these metals are present in our blood under gas pressure for resonant atomic conversion

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Figure 1 shows the resonance enhancement of first order Raman scattering from the rj2 Av 109 cm 1 phonon for sample temperatures of 20K and 5 4K In this data the largest absorption correction occurs at the peak in the 5 4K data where the absorption reaches 26 cm and the ap plied correction is approximately 2 6

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The prime focus of this investigation is to determine which morphology of magnesium oxide MgO is nontoxic and accumulates in sufficient quantity to a human brain cellular tissue model Thus nanostructured MgO was synthesized from a coprecipitation technique involving twin synthetic protocols and the resulting product was characterized by scanning electron microscopy SEM transmission

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There are hundreds of people today making gold on there silver using phonon resonance So why don t we take a few minutes and see how gold can be formed by using a catalyst of heat We know that gold can be formed by using a catalyst of silver heated to 43C lets take a look at other base metals and see what temperature would be required

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Substrate binding in the P450 catalytic cycle The P450 catalytic cycle leading to substrate oxidation is rather complex Fig 1 and has been investigated in detail for recent reviews see 12 18 19 Although the substrate binding step is depicted as taking place prior to the reduction of the heme iron via the electron provided by NAPDH P450 reductase it has been shown that the substrate

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Oct 25 2009 · This result of metal formation e i gold was produced by two steps 1 Using phonon resonance reactor for 10 days 2 Heated the output til molten then poure it and let it cool

Resonance Raman Detection of the Hydroperoxo Intermediate

May 23 2007 · Resonance Raman RR spectroscopy is an especially attractive probe of such species effectively interrogating both the heme macrocycle structure and various iron ligand fragments 11 15 In fact the feasibility of coupling this powerful spectroscopic probe with cryogenic radiolysis of heme protein samples was recently demonstrated and

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G Wortmann s 244 research works with 4 615 citations and 5 419 reads including The validity of an experiment testing the influence of acceleration on time dilation using a rotating Möss

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KEYWORDS Nanoparticles Gold Particles Thermal effects Laser beam diagnostics Absorption Resistance Interfaces Refractive index Liquids Read Abstract A laser induced thermal lens technique has been employed to evaluate the dynamic thermal parameter the thermal diffusivity of gold


May 07 2007 · The process was developed from a method of growing gold in an electrolytic cell that was originally developed by Dr Walter Lussage a Czechoslovakian geologist d 1977 Dr Lussage revealed his process to Mr Jack Keller who taught it to Joe Champion in 1989 Champion subsequently developed the method further

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Spatially resolved variations in reflectivity across iron

Reflection spectra were taken over the spectral range 700 400 cm 1 with a spot diameter of 20 μ m normalised to a gold reference spectrum Table 1 shows the expected locations of the three most common iron oxide phonon resonances haematite maghemite and magnetite in this spectral range

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Raul Arenal currently works at the IUI of Nanoscience of Aragon University of Zaragoza Raul does research in Condensed Matter Physics Electron Microscopy and Optical Physics Personal website