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What you can find Andradite garnets pyrite cubes the occasional quartz crystal or two and the rare minerals Howieite Deerite and Zussmanite this is the type

Deerite Mineral Data

Click Here for Larger Deerite Image in a New Browser Window Images Comments Black bladed deerite crystals embedded in quartz and fibrous riebeckite

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The Mn analogue is known as 39 UM1987 19 SiO FeHMgMnTi 39

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During the course of an early hydration episode deerite formed within most of the ironstones and zussmanite in certain Fe rich Mn poor pelites At a later and

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Zussmanite is a hydrated iron rich silicate mineral Zussmanite occurs as pale green crystals This is also the locality in which Deerite and Howieite were first discovered The optical properties result from virtually pure zussmanite that was separated from thin sections approximately 200 micrometers thick under a